Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from West Coast Shades?

    • We offer you high quality products for a very low price and a chance to be one of our ambassadors with your purchase making you a part of our brand. We pride ourselves for our exceptional customer service and making you feel like you are apart of our family here at West Coast Shades. 

Does our company ship worldwide?

    • Yes we do! We have multiple suppliers which grants us the ability to ship Internationally.

Can I return or exchange my sunglasses?

    • Yes! If you are unsatisfied with our products then once you receive your order you have 30 days to return the items to us. Once we receive your items we will give you a full refund or an exchange.

When will my order ship?

    • We try to process and ship your orders within 1-3 days of you completing your order. Once it has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation with your tracking number.

How long does shipping take?

    • Shipping usually takes around 5-12 days to be delivered due to your location and due to our supplier with having a high demand of orders at the time of you placing your order. 

Why did my items come in separate packages?

    • We do work with different suppliers and manufactures, which makes it possible for your items to be shipped in different packages, but will be delivered around the same time period of each other. 

Why is my tracking number not updating?

    • Typically the tracking numbers can be delayed due to it being a weekend or due to the mailing service not updating the tracking number at the time they received the package. 
Where do I put my discount code?
    • On a mobile device, right after you press checkout on the top left it will display "Show order summary" press that and a drop down will display where you can put in your discount code. 
Where is our supplier located?
    • We have multiple suppliers that we have overseas and are currently working on a deal with a US supplier as well.